HHH Jr. as he appears in VSH.
Name Horseless Headless Horsemann Jr.
Health 1046
Class Demoman (Modified)
Rage Ability All RED players are "spooked"
Origin Vs. Saxton Hale

The Horseless Headless Horsemann Jr. is a smaller version of the Horseless Headless Horsemann, featured in the Scream Fortress '09 update. He shares many similar traits as him, and essentially is a smaller, non-glowing version of him. Like his father, he uses his headtaker to behead his enemies- namely anyone but himself.

Appearance Edit

HHH Jr. looks exactly the same as his father; a skeleton-like figure with a rotting pumpkin head, a tattered cloth shirt with a cape, a belt with a round jack-o-lantern-like symbol on it, bony arms and legs, black long leather gloves, and black leather boots. Unlike his father, he does not shine purple or emit purple fire, and is much smaller.

Abilities Edit

HHH Jr. in Vs. Saxton Hale and Freak Fortress 2 has the following abilities at hand during gameplay:

  • Teleport: Teleports to a random RED player.
  • Anchor: No knockback taken while walking or crouching.

Rage Ability Edit

When HHH Jr.'s rage meter is full, he can:

  • Spook: "Spooks" players nearby, rendering them vulnerable to all attacks.

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